To convert a captured image into a base64 string in NativeScript with Angular, you can use the NativeScript ImageSource module. Here is an example code that demonstrates how to do this:

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import { ImageSource } from “tns-core-modules/image-source”;

// Assuming that the image variable contains the captured image
const imgSource = new ImageSource();
imgSource.fromAsset(image).then((source) => {
const base64Image = source.toBase64String(“jpg”);
In this example, we create a new ImageSource instance and load the captured image using the fromAsset method. We then convert the image to a base64 string using the toBase64String method and log it to the console. You can change the format of the base64 string by passing a different format parameter to the toBase64String method (e.g. “png” instead of “jpg”).

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